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Georgia Department of Agriculture

The Georgia Department of Agriculture works to protect and promote agriculture and consumer interests and ensure an abundance of safe food and fiber.

19 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., SW
Atlanta, GA 30334
Phone Number: 
How can I subscribe to the Farmers & Consumers Market Bulletin?

If you would like a new or renewal subscription of the Market Bulletin, you can subscribe online, or mail in your check or money order to Market Bulletin, 19 MLK, Jr Dr., Atlanta, GA 30334. Subscriptions cost $10 for state residents and $20 for out-of-state subscribers. There is a $1 convenience fee for online subscriptions. For mailed subscriptions also include a letter with your name, complete mailing address, and daytime phone number in the event the Bulletin staff needs to contact you.

How do I obtain a license?

Please visit the Licensing Division, part of the Georgia Department of Agriculture. 

Why are the plants that I’ve planted not growing?

There could be various reasons causing your plant not to grow as desired, from insect infestations to changes in the climate. The best way to find out the root of your problem is to contact your county extension office or to send an email to"">