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State Parks Closed to Public for Deer Quota Hunts

November 5, 2012
A deer stands, his antlers rising above him formidably.

Each fall, to prevent deer overpopulation, hunters spend select days culling herds, travelling from one state park to another. Starting tomorrow, Hard Labor Creek State Park will temporarily close to the public during its quota hunt. 

Because this quota hunt is among the most popular the state offers, hunters enter a lottery for selection. All hunting spaces are filled for this year.

Following is the full schedule of park closures:

Hard Labor Creek State Park - November 6 & 7

Panola Mountain State Park - November 13 & 14

Red Top Mountain State Park - November 27 & 28

Tugaloo State Park - November 30-December 2

Fort Yargo State Park - December 4 & 5

Mistletoe State Park - December 4 & 5

Richard B. Russell State Park - December 4 & 5

F. D. Roosevelt State Park - December 4 & 5

Chattahooche Bend State Park - December 12 & 13

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