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By [entity_id_1] on August 2, 2013

Georgia's Automotive Industry Boom

Industries are thriving in Georgia, especially in the automotive sector, with businesses such as...

By [entity_id_1] on August 5, 2013

Sales Tax Holiday This Weekend

It might be best to wait until Friday and Saturday to do all of your back to school shopping!

By [entity_id_1] on August 12, 2013

Becoming a Notary Public

The Georgia Superior Court Clerks' Cooperative Authority makes becoming a notary public an easy...

By [entity_id_1] on August 20, 2013

Quitclaim Deeds

Transferring titles and property can be a tricky process. Be sure to do your research and consult a...

By [entity_id_1] on August 8, 2013

School Bus Safety

Drivers, as students head back to classes in the next few weeks, keep in mind that you'll need to...

By [entity_id_1] on August 9, 2013

Dementia Task Force Wants Your Input

In a recent study, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that nearly 14.3% of older...

By [entity_id_1] on August 13, 2013

Applying for the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship

Many ways exist to help you support your child with special needs. The Department of Education...

By [entity_id_1] on August 15, 2013

New Georgia Encyclopedia Launches Redesign

Earlier this week the New Georgia Encyclopedia introduced readers to its redesigned site.

By [entity_id_1] on August 22, 2013

Finding Correctional Facilities in Georgia

Georgia houses hundreds of correctional facilities--jails, prisons, juvenile, county, state, etc....

By [entity_id_1] on August 23, 2013

Prep to Renew Your Driver's License

Before you arrive to renew your driver's license, keep these helpful tips in mind.