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By [entity_id_1] on February 26, 2014

Black History Month: A Time for Reflection and Continued Progress

Every February, our great nation gives pause to honor the impact and contributions of Black...

By [entity_id_1] on February 26, 2014

How To Report Tips On Unsolved Crimes

Reporting tips to the GBI can help solve crimes.

By [entity_id_1] on March 12, 2014

A Day in the Life: Senate Intern

Follow Gregory Bieger as he walks us through his daily job of being an intern for the Senate Press...

By [entity_id_1] on March 4, 2014

Page Spotlight: John Albert Amandolia

From Boy Scout to Senate Page: John Albert enjoyed his day at the Capitol.

By [entity_id_1] on March 5, 2014

Read Across Georgia: Building a Strong Foundation for the Future

The State of Georgia kicked-off “Read Across Georgia” month in March, an initiative launched by...

By [entity_id_1] on March 13, 2014

Getting an Alcohol License in Georgia

If you own a business or establishment selling, buying or distributing alcohol, make sure you're...

By [entity_id_1] on March 14, 2014

Doorkeepers: The Gateway to the State Senate

Unknown to many, 10 people in the Georgia State Senate control the flow of the session in ways you’...

By [entity_id_1] on March 24, 2014

The State's Role in School Closures

This winter's extreme weather brought up many questions in regards to the state's involvement in...

By [entity_id_1] on March 20, 2014

Sine Die: Day 40 of the 2014 Legislative Session

Today is the last day of the 2014 Legislative Session, also known as Sine Die. With many bills and...

By [entity_id_1] on March 25, 2014

Doorkeeper Spotlight: Roy Ethridge

Amid the hustle and bustle of the Capitol during legislative session, there are a few pillars of...