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Dooly County

Incorporated Date: 
May 15, 1821
Total Area: 
393.0 sq mi
Contact Information
P.O. Box 348
Vienna, GA 31092
Phone Number: 
(229) 268-4228
Fax Number: 
(229) 268-4230

Dooly County, one of the original land lot counties, divided to create Crisp County and parts of Macon, Pulaski, Wilcox, Turner and Worth counties. Designated in 1821, the county remembers Colonel John Dooly, a neighbor of the famed woman Patriot, Nancy Hart. Dooly had prosecuted -- and likely persecuted -- Tories during the Revolutionary War, and so, in 1780, Tories, seeking retribution, murdered Dooly in his home. Less sensationally, Dooly's founders named the county seat for the Austrian city Vienna.