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Incorporated Date: 
December 19, 1834
Total Area: 
22.0 sq mi
Contact Information
205 Lawrence St. N.E.
Marietta, GA 30060
Phone Number: 
(770) 794-5530
Fax Number: 
(770) 794-5505
Email Address: 

Incorporated on December 19, 1834, Marietta is the Cobb County seat of government. While the origin of the city's name is somewhat a mystery, prevailing wisdom has it that the name remembers Mary Moore, the wife of U.S. Senator and Supreme Court Judge, Thomas Willis Cobb. If this origin is correct, it seems apt, as Judge Cobb is the namesake of the county itself.

When, in 1864, Union General William Tecumsah Sherman marched through Marietta, he spared the city before going to burn Atlanta.