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Incorporated Date: 
December 29, 1847
Total Area: 
29.8 sq mi
Contact Information
601 Broad St.
Rome, GA 30161
Phone Number: 
(706) 236-4400
Fax Number: 
(706) 236-4405
Email Address: 

Rome, the Floyd County seat, incorporated on December 29, 1847. The origin of the city's name is quite interesting. As the story goes, five travelers met at a spring, agreed to found a city and opted to select its name by drawing suggestions from a hat. Colonel Daniel R. Mitchell - who said that the city landscape reminded him of Rome, Italy - drew the name.

Rome is home to numerous landmarks, monuments, and museums honoring the heritage of the city. Every October, Rome hosts the Heritage Days to pay tribute to early settlers, and residents also celebrate Festa Roma during the month of July.