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Administrative Office of the Courts

The Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) provides support to state, probate, magistrate, and municipal court councils; publishes journals and guides that educate citizens about the courts; and works with the General Assembly to request judicial branch appropriations.

AOC Statements

Updates will be provided periodically. If you have any questions please send them to Bruce Shaw -

8/21/19 - 11 am

GAJE, Child Support Efiling Service, is back online and can be accessed below.

Please see for more information.

7/30/19 - 10 am

Re PCIS, the AOC is working with the vendor to ensure all firearms licenses are provided back to the courts. 
A decision about rebuilding TIPS will be made tomorrow.
Hosting of all technology applications by the AOC going forward will be on Amazon Web Services and we are working with security experts to ensure segmented back-ups. 

7/22/19 - 12 pm

PCIS is back online:

Two more websites have been restored:
The Council of State Court Judges:
And the Council of Juvenile Court Judges:

Finally, courts that rely on the application Express for importing data from Georgia State Patrol regarding traffic tickets into their systems will need to find a manual workaround, including data entry from the tickets received from GSP officers, until we can get the application running again-no timeframe yet.  Restoring TIPs still has no timeframe yet as well.

7/19/19 - 5 pm

JDEX is back on-line.  Let us know if this is not working for you.

The Office of Dispute Resolution is now here:

Staff and contractors are working thru the weekend to get PCIS and websites back up by Monday.  TIPS is in the queue to be rebuilt but no timeline yet.

7/15/19 - 9am

The Child Support Calculator is back online - Please check to see if your data is there. Next week: TIPS and PCIS.

7/11/19 – 5pm

The AOC has established a new network for the office, is working to repost websites and continues work to repair and recover applications.   We are also reaching out personally to each judge affected by the malware to learn about their workarounds, no courtroom has closed.
We have high hopes that the online calculator will be working tomorrow as we have continued to test and debug it all day with good results and (it appears) no data was lost.  
For Courts seeking assistance please contact Aimee Maxwell at or at 404-463-0044.

7/8/19 – 10am

Child Support Calculator - The Online Calculator is temporarily unavailable.  During this time, please use the updated Excel version which can be downloaded at

7/5/19 – 5pm

The AOC continues to focus on security and recovery of applications. website is now active. We are aware that not all links are active and steps towards enabling those are underway.

Our priority continues to be providing services to the courts.  We are working to restore applications as soon as we can. We do not have a timeframe for this recovery phase.  Each application must undergo an extensive security threat assessment which is a slow and painstaking process to ensure we identify and eradicate any potential existing threat.

One of the services AOC provides to the courts is the Child Support Calculator.  While this application is being hygienized, we will be providing an alternative method for creating a worksheet.  To obtain this document, please email

AOC’s IT department worked through the holiday yesterday and will continue to work through the weekend to continue our recovery efforts.

Starting on Monday, July 8, we will discontinue daily updates but we will provide regular updates as we make progress.  For Courts seeking assistance please contact Aimee Maxwell at or at 404-463-0044.

7/3/19 – 5pm

Preliminary remediation findings regarding courts using AOC applications for case management are that a small minority of Superior, Juvenile, Municipal, Magistrate, and Probate Courts are using AOC provided applications as case management systems. This could result in affected courts reverting to a paper process. Our initial goal is to restore these services to avoid any possible delays to the public caused by temporarily reverting to a paper process.
At this time, we are not providing a list specifying the exact courts or applications affected to decrease the possibility of interference or adding to the knowledge base of bad actors. That said we are committed to being as open and forthright as possible during this entire ransomware ordeal. We have been able to restore two administrative systems today.  
Websites and applications hosted by the AOC unrelated to case management systems are in the process of being hygienized and restored. As stated before, a time frame is currently not being provided due to the meticulous nature of this process. Extra resources have arrived today and we will continue to work on this issue through the holiday. 

Updates will be provided daily. If you have any questions please send them to Bruce Shaw,

7/2/19 – 5pm

Our primary focus at this time is recovering access to our case management system services. We are currently working on the hygienization of our networks and environments. An exact timeframe for the completion of this task cannot be determined at this moment due to the meticulous nature of the task, but once complete we should be able to bring several services back online.

It is important to note, there remains no evidence of any exfiltration of data and no personal information was compromised. There remains no new information about ransom amounts or details about the type of ransomware used at this time as analysis continues.

The Administrative Office of the Courts provides administrative and technical support to Georgia’s judiciary and serves as staff to the Judicial Council of Georgia. 

7/1/19 - 5pm 

On Saturday morning June 29, during a routine security assessment, the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) discovered sophisticated malware on our servers. AOC immediately contacted the Georgia Technology Authority and we are currently working with state and federal partners, including Multi State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC), the Georgia Emergency Management & Homeland Security Agency (and Georgia National Guard Cyber Protection Team), Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. After an assessment of our system, it was determined that it would be best to take our network offline. We can now confirm that it is ransomware and a note was found requesting contact but containing no further details such as amounts or demands. We are working with our partners to assess and evaluate the situation and our primary focus at this time is to ensure our systems remain secure and that we get them back up and running as soon as possible.  

An important distinction we would like to make is that individual courts’ networks are not affected, only the AOC’s network. Only courts who use applications hosted by our network might experience some delay in their local operations. Our understanding is that all courts are operational but some processes normally handled by our applications may be impacted.

The Administrative Office of the Courts provides administrative and technical support to Georgia’s judiciary and serves as staff to the Judicial Council of Georgia.


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Phone Number: 



How does the court system work?

Georgia contains 8 different types of courts with their own specific functions:

  • Supreme Court
  • Court of Appeals
  • Superior Court
  • State Courts
  • Juvenile Courts
  • Magistrate Courts
  • Probate Courts
  • Municipal Courts