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Council of Superior Court Judges of Georgia

The Council of Superior Court Judges of Georgia provides courts with administrative support, research assistance, and communications.


18 Capitol Sq., Suite 104,
Atlanta, GA 30334

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How can I find my local Superior Court?

To find your county court, use the Court Locator.

Where can I find information about representing myself in court?

There are many online resources for pro se litigants (those who appear in court without the assistance of a lawyer). The Council of Superior Court Judges, however, recommends that you consult a certified public defender. For information and help finding a qualified attorney, visit the Georgia Bar.

Who do I contact for information on inmates or parole?

The CSCJ does not handle any services related to Georgia inmates or parole. For inmate information contact the Georgia Department of Corrections. For parole information speak with the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles.