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Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts

The Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts improves the accountability of state agencies, universities, nonprofit organizations, and county governments. The department also maintains Open Georgia, reports on compliance with the state's immigration laws, and issues fiscal notes and retirement certifications.


270 Washington St. SW, Suite 1-156
Atlanta, GA 30334

Phone Number: 



How can I obtain a report issued by the department?

Search for and read reports. Reports issued before 2004 are available in certain cases. If a report is not available here, you can call 404-656-2180 to request it.

What information is available on Open Georgia?

Through the site you can access employee salaries and travel reimbursements, statewide financial reports, and certain expenditure data by organization .

How can I find out if a fiscal note or retirement certification was completed for a certain piece of legislation?

Call the department at 404-656-2006 for that information.