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Georgia Department of Economic Development's Workforce Division

The Georgia Department of Economic Development’s Workforce Division (GDEcD, WD) formally the Governor's Office of Workforce Development, was created to improve the job training and marketability of Georgia's workforce and to drive future economic growth for the state. While GDEcD, WD’s primary responsibility is managing the Workforce Investment Act under the leadership of the Georgia Workforce Investment Board, WD is focused on the broader mission of ensuring that education and training in Georgia is geared toward in-demand jobs.


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What is Go Build Georgia?

Go Build Georgia is an awareness campaign that educates young people about skilled trades and how to pursue a career in these fields. Current business projections indicate that Georgia will need around 16,500 skilled trade workers in the next year and 82,000 by 2016. Considering this and the fact that skilled labor positions are the most difficult jobs to fill, the Go Build Georgia initiative is imperative for our state. 

GDEcD, WD is working to create a statewide partnership to address the availability of craft labor professionals in Georgia over the next generation.

How do I learn more about the Workforce Investment Act and the services available in my area?

To learn more about WIA and the local one-stops, visit their website. Check out the Workforce Professional tab to find resources regarding WIA activity. 

What is Operation:Workforce?

Operation: Workforce offers a variety of services specifically geared to assist military personnel on the home front. Veterans can sign up and create a profile detailing their military training, education, and experience allowing potential employers to find those individuals best suited for their job openings. Veterans can also browse a list of jobs posted by Georgia employers.  In addition, there is also an interactive map tool. Simply entering your zip code, city, or just selecting your county instantly delivers a map showing the location of all the employment and veteran services in your area.

Operation: Workforce is not just for veterans; there are resources for employers too. The website features the “Pledge to Support Georgia Veterans.” Employers can sign this pledge to publicly commit to providing opportunities to Georgia’s veteran community, such as increased occasion of interviews and enhanced hiring opportunities.