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Georgia Department of Transportation

Committed to moving people and goods through the state in a timely and efficient manner, the Georgia Department of Transportation works to maintain safety on roadways and relieve congestion on the interstates.


600 West Peachtree NW
Atlanta, GA 30308

Phone Number: 



What is the Wildflower Program?

The program promotes the protection and planting of wildflowers along the roadsides. When you purchase the specialty license plate with the Black-eyed Susan and pay the annual fee, you support the program and its work. Learn more about buying a wildflower license plate.

Does GDOT have any bicycle maps to help me ride safely on the roads?

Look over the statewide and small-area map to see general traffic levels on state roadways.

How can I learn more about air quality improvement efforts?

Study air quality maps and reports to learn how GDOT works to meet national transportation conformity standards.