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Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency

The Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency protects the health, safety and welfare of state residents by enforcing drug laws and ensuring that only licensed facilities and pharmacists distribute medications.


254 Washington St., SW Suite G-2000
Atlanta, GA 30334

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How long is my prescription or its refills valid if I leave my current doctor?

From the time you end your relationship with your current doctor, you have at most six months to establish a relationship with a new doctor. After that time, your prescription is no longer valid.

Does my pharmacist have to offer me counseling about my prescriptions?

While pharmacists must offer to counsel you on all new prescriptions, they often counsel you about refilled prescriptions only when there's a notable change, such as an alteration to the medication's appearance or packaging. If you should have a question or concern about your refilled prescription, always feel free to ask your pharmacist for advice or explanations.

How do I dispose of my personal prescription medication or medical equipment?

Read the consumer guidance and recommendations that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration offers for the proper disposal of prescription medications and medical equipment.