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Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency

The Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency works with other government agencies to teach preparedness, lessen the effects of a hazard, and strengthen response and recovery efforts. GEMHSA also supports homeland security initiatives that protect state residents' lives and properties and reduce, or entirely prevent, the negative impacts of terrorism.


935 United Ave SE
Atlanta, GA 30316

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How do I report suspicious activity?

Contact your local law enforcement if you suspect any wrongdoing.

How do I apply for a GEMHSA training course?

Learn more about training courses and how to get involved in them.

How do I apply for a homeland security grant?

How do I prepare for the different types of disasters that may impact me?

Visit GEMHSA's Ready Georgia website to learn about how to prepare for Georgia-specific disasters. You can also create an online profile and receive a tailored communications plan for the entire family and a list of the specific amount of supplies to put in your household Ready kit.