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Governor's Office of Highway Safety

The mission of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety is to reduce the number of traffic fatalities and injuries by providing highway safety data and fact-based analyses. This will assist communities and safety advocates in implementing effective programs that will change high-risk driving behavior and increase safety on our streets and highways.


7 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.,Suite 643
Atlanta, GA 30334

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How old must my children be before they no longer have to sit in booster seats?

When your children turn 8, they can ride in the car without the booster seat. With that said, you should make sure that their seat belts fit correctly across the collar bone and lap. Your children can also ride in the passenger seat when they turn 8. It's usually best, though, for children to ride in the backseat until they are 13.

When can my daughter apply for her learner's permit?

When your daughter turns 15, she can begin her driver's education course and apply for a permit. Visit the Department of Driver's Services for more information on testing and supervised driving training.

How can I find out the crash and injury rates in my area?