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Magistrates Retirement Fund

The Magistrates Retirement Fund helps their members (Chief Magistrates in the state of Georgia) prepare for retirement and provides support and services associated with the Retirement Fund.


1208 Greenbelt Drive
Griffin, GA 30224

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How can I become a member of the Fund?

In order to qualify for a membership in the Magistrates Retirement Fund, you must be a Chief Magistrate in Georgia. You can always download and fill out an application packet. This packet includes the application and authorization forms.

How much are the dues for members?

Once accepted for membership, a Member must pay dues on or before the 10th day of the month.  Dues are 3.42% of the monthly base as established in O.C.G.A.§47-25-81(a).  If you need assistance in calculating the dues, please contact the office.

What happens if my position changes?

If a member ceases to act as the duly qualified and commissioned Chief Magistrate, he or she can (1) request retirement benefits or (2) request a refund of dues if that Chief Magistrate has not vested.