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State ADA Coordinator's Office

The State ADA Coordinator's Office helps state agencies understand requirements and issues concerning program accessibility, communications and employment for people with disabilities. The office also suggests improvements for building access and helps agencies comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission
270 Washington St., Second Floor
Atlanta, GA 30334

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Does the ADA apply to state and local governments?

Yes, Title II of the ADA, which prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities, applies to all state and local government departments and agencies.

What is "reasonable accommodation"?

Reasonable accommodation is any modification to a workplace that will enable a job applicant or employee with a disability to take part in the work environment and share in the same rights and privileges as those given to employees without disabilities.

What is the Statewide ADA Facilities Improvement Program?

The program ensures that persons with disabilities can make full use of public buildings. To do that, the ADA Coordinator's Office works with state agencies to undertake construction projects, such as building ramps, altering restrooms, installing automatic doors and renovating pathways.