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State Charter Schools Commission

An independent charter school authorizing entity, the State Charter Schools Commission may approve, renew or deny charter schools petitions.


What is a charter school?

Charter schools are public schools that grant teachers, parents and students greater flexibility to encourage student learning in exchange for higher rates of student achievement. Although oftentimes students earn spaces to charters in a random selection lottery, the schools offer fair and open enrollment for all student populations. On regular intervals, the schools must show their authorizer that they're meeting the goals laid out in their charters.

How does a charter school lottery work?

When more students file applications to a charter school than that school offers spaces, the school conducts a random selection lottery. The school validates the results for accuracy and makes the results public.

Do charter schools have an attendance zone?

Yes, charter schools define their own attendance zone, and students who live within that zone get enrollment preference. If a school has extra spaces for students, it may open up enrollment to any other students living within its school district.