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State Properties Commission

The State Properties Commission not only manages Georgia's real estate - selling and purchasing property when necessary - but also helps state agencies find and secure leases.


270 Washington Street, Suite 02-129
Atlanta, GA 30334

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I'd like to market property I own for possible lease by state agencies. How do I do that?

Submit a Property Information Form to SPC. When agencies request new space, your property will then be considered for the lease.

How can my state agency lease space on Capitol Hill?

Your agency will need to complete a Space Action Form along with a Space Utilization Questionnaire and submit these to SPC.

If a state agency hopes to find a new space, how long will it take for SPC to review a request and identify appropriate leases?

Once SPC reviews the Space Action Form and Space Utilization Questionnaire submitted by an agency, the development of a space program generally takes about two weeks. After that, a leasing specialist begins the search for available space and strives to identify several locations for agency review and possible site visits. When an agency selects a space, SPC will then negotiate leasing rates with the landlord on behalf of the agency.