Probate Court In Georgia

Probate court is an incremental part of the United States justice system that functions as the place for issues such as the execution of wills, the issuance of marriage licenses, firearm licenses, and other matters that can be handled in a small court.

Many people may never have to set foot in a probate court, and for those who do, it may seem like a daunting process. However, by checking out a few simple webpages, you can easily understand what your visit to probate court will be like.

The Georgia Probate Court website offers a variety of resources for those seeking more information regarding this branch of the judicial system. You can find your local probate court using a dropdown menu, download standard forms for applications for permits ranging from firearms to marriage licenses, and check out the glossary of terms for wills and estate planning.

The purpose of probate court is to keep a county running smoothly in the areas of licenses, estate planning, and other paperwork-oriented matters. By being prepared with your standard forms already filled out, your visit to probate court will be an easy and simplified trip.

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