If you’ve ever been on the job hunt in Georgia, you’ve probably run across the Department of Labor website. Or maybe it was the Georgia Department of Economic Development's Workforce Division?

If you’re confused, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences between these 2 Georgia agencies:

Georgia Department of Labor (DOL)

Our DOL serves the citizens of Georgia in quite a few different ways. Their responsibilities include:

  • Administering unemployment insurance
  • Helping workers find jobs
  • Overseeing child labor issues
  • Providing information for both the public and private sector of businesses

In order to give Georgians the best workforce support possible, DOL is divided up into a few offices. These include Employment Services, Workforce Statistics & Economic Research, Unemployment Insurance as well as a network of Career Services centers throughout Georgia.

Georgia Department of Economic Development's Workforce Division (GDEcD, WD)

Similar to DOL, the GDEcD, WD is all about Georgia jobs! The Workforce Division is in charge of managing a federal grant called the Workforce Investment Act, which provides funds to help unemployed workers find jobs and to train young people so that they're ready for Georgia's thriving job market. Workforce Division also runs Operation Workforce, an online portal that helps Georgia's veterans find jobs quickly and easily, in addition to the Go Build Georgia program which focuses on educating students and the workforce in general about career opportunities in the skilled trades. [Go Build Georgia was replaced by Trade Five in 2016. Learn more at]

To find out more information on all the resources that GDEcD, WD has, check out their website and see all they have to offer!


Ready for a recap on what we’ve learned? Let’s go!

  • Where do you go to file for unemployment insurance? DOL.
  • Who will be your go-to for learning about the benefits of On The Job Training for your small business? GDEcD, WD.
  • Which agency can help you out with questions about employment laws? DOL.
  • Where will you find information about Georgia's workforce initiatives and programs? GDEcD, WD.

There you have it! This is only a glimpse of everything that these 2 Georgia agencies do to keep our state’s business environment thriving and competitive, and help to make Georgia the place where you’ll want to work.

Last updated May 3, 2017.


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