Doubling Food Stamp Benefits at Georgia Farmer's Markets

Georgia’s farmer’s markets have always been a great place to go when you have a craving that only fresh fruits and veggies can satisfy. Oftentimes, you can even find a wide variety of other foods from places such as local dairies, bakeries and meat producers. But these fresh food events are more than a fun weekend activity: they’re a place where food stamp recipients can get some extra help.

Wholesome Wave Georgia has partnered with 37 farmer’s markets in 25 cities across Georgia to provide a doubling of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) dollars. For every $1 in SNAP spent, you can get $2 worth of products, while the farmer still gets the full benefit of the transaction. The goal of this initiative is to make sure those who receive food stamps can still get access to healthy, nurturing foods without breaking the bank.

In addition to helping the consumers, this SNAP doubling program has also put $1.4 million back into the local food economy here in Georgia. When our local farmers are given the opportunity to flourish like this, we can all reap the benefits.

To find a participating farmer’s market near you, browse the list of markets in the region nearest you and go pay them a visit one weekend. Happy shopping!


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