2017 New Year’s Resolutions for Georgians

Stay healthy, spend more time outdoors, get involved with your community or find a new job. Check out these state resources as you refine and stick to your new year's resolutions.  

Stay Healthy

One of the top new year’s resolutions every year is getting fit and staying healthy. Residents of Georgia are no exception. Whether you are looking to take responsibility for getting insured or you want to change some health habits, you can start your research here.

Open Enrollment for State Health Benefit Plan

The State Health Benefit Plan Division from The Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH) is holding open enrollment for health benefits. If you’re a state employee, teacher, school system employee or retiree with continued coverage don’t forget to enroll in this health insurance plan. The online portal is a great way to manage your benefits.

Free Mental Health Program for Veterans

If you have served our country post 9/11 and suffer from post traumatic stress or other “unseen” symptoms of war, you can take advantage of Emory University’s free veteran’s program. Their team consists of professionals in psychiatry, neurology, neuropsychology, social work and other areas — working to help you achieve mental wellbeing in 2017.

Sign Up for Medicaid

Are you a Georgia Resident celebrating your 65th birthday this year? If so, you’re eligible for Medicaid. Of course nothing beats preventative maintenance, but it’s always a responsible choice to ensure you’re covered in case of an emergency. Learn more about eligibility and how to apply for free healthcare assistance with the Georgia Department of Human Services’ Division of Family and Children Services.

Get Out More

Maybe your new year’s resolution is to get out more and enjoy the beautiful state of Georgia. From the Golden coast to the Blue Ridge mountains, Georgia offers ample opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and soak up the nature.

View a Total Eclipse of the Sun

There is something cool happening with the stars and the planets in 2017. And, believe it or not, a small section of Georgia is the perfect place to witness it. A solar eclipse is when the moon goes in between the sun and the earth. As the moon appears to move across the face of the sun, it creates a very thin shadow that passes along the ground. It just so happens on August 21, 2017, parts of Georgia will be in this path, allowing Georgians to see a total eclipse of the sun.

Events at Georgia State Parks

This is the year you get fit and enjoy Georgia’s bountiful beauty. It all starts with planning and commitment. Take a look at the Georgia State Parks’ events page. No matter where you live in Georgia, there is a state park close enough for a day trip at the very least. Whether you want to spend more time with the family camping or hiking, or you want to try your hand at zip-lining, boating or going on a “Night Hike,” put it on your calendar for 2017!

Stay Informed and Get Involved

District Days at the Capital

If you’re a county official, you may want to attend ACCG’s District Days at the Capitol. These pivotal events bring state and county government leaders together during the legislative session. You will see the Georgia legislators’ process in the 40 days they meet to make our state laws. As a county official, this is your chance to be involved in the legislative changes that matter to you.

2017 Events at Capitol Hill

Who knew some of our most interesting cultural events take place at the center of our state government? The Georgia Building Authority (GBA) has some pretty interesting events coming up at Capitol Hill you don’t want to miss. Best of all, they’re free! When is the last time you saw dancing preachers, celebrated peanut butter and jelly or got bought a piece of inmate artwork at an auction? Check out the vast array of events on GBA’s events calendar and tick “more culture” off your 2017 checklist.

Free Summer Outdoor Concerts

Is our recent warm spell making you antsy for summer? Why not enjoy some of your own tax dollars with a free outdoor concert? Many cities in Georgia host a free outdoor summer concert series. Visit your city’s official website to see when and where to stake out your spot on the green.

Find a New Job

Department of Labor Job Fairs and Events

One of the top new year’s resolutions for many Americans is to find a new job. If you’re actively looking, or even if you’re just curious about different types of jobs, attend one of the Department of Labor’s many job fairs.

Careers With State Agencies in Georgia

Are you passionate about state government? If you think working for a Georgia state agency is your true calling for 2017, consider applying for a state job. Whether you like working with children, elderly or anyone in between, many state agencies are looking for talented people to serve Georgia’s residents.




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