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Do you drive? Did you just move to Georgia? Do you want to vote?

At some point in our journey as Georgians, most all of us will interact with the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS). Even if you don’t drive, you can apply for an official state identification card through DDS as long as you can sign your name or make a mark indicating your legal signature.

Recently, DDS launched a new website at With the redesign, they moved their most important services front and center, and reorganized information throughout the rest of the site to best serve Georgians.

Let’s take a high-level view of a few things you can find on the new site.

Licenses and IDs

Teens can learn everything about getting their first driver’s license. You can find out how to get a new driver’s license whether you’ve lost your old one or you’ve just moved to Georgia. And if you want to be a commercial truck or bus driver, learn how to get your CDL.

DDS also accepts applications for other types of identification cards not related to driving. These cards include:

  • State ID
    For any Georgia resident (who is a U.S. citizen).
  • Veteran ID
    For those who have honorable active duty service in the U.S. Armed Forces, or 20 years of service in the National Guard.
  • Honorary Veteran ID
    For the spouses of honorably separated veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces who are disabled or deceased.
  • Handicap ID
    For those with a permanent or temporary disability or urgent medical condition. (Apply for a Disabled Person’s Parking Permit and Disabled Person’s License Plate with the Georgia Department of Revenue’s Form MV-9D.)
  • Indigent ID
    For Georgians who qualify for Indigent Status and can provide a voucher from an approved Indigent Resource Provider (non-profit).
  • Voter ID
    For Georgians who want to vote and may not have another valid photo ID.

Follow each of the links above for further eligibility requirements and application details.

Renewing Your License or ID

Whatever type of license or ID you get, you’ll need to renew it. Thankfully, you can renew many licenses and IDs online! If your card has a gold star in the top-right corner, you can most likely take advantage of DDS’s online services.

See the full requirements for online renewal and other ways to renew your license or ID. Find out how long your card will be valid, and how much it will cost to obtain or renew on the Fees and Terms page.

Save Time

Whether you’re getting a new license or ID, or if you’re renewing one you already have, skip a step! If you plan to get or renew your card in person, you can save time at the DDS service center by completing some paperwork ahead of time.

Additionally, if DDS gave you a temporary 120-day license because you did not provide all required Secure ID documents, you can skip a return trip. Instead of heading back to the service center, you can fax, mail, or upload your missing documents at least 20 days before your temporary license expires.

Find Your Location

You’ve completed the online paperwork and you’ve gathered the required documents. Now where do you go? You can find your closest service center in a map or list view. Find other locations — such as certified driver training, DUI and motorcycle schools — on their individual pages.

Stay in Touch

DDS publishes timely notices online to assist all Georgians needing their services. Check them out in the newsroom. You can also keep up with the latest DDS news by following them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Other Programs and Agencies for Georgia Drivers

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