Veterans Day 2017

State offices are closed today as we observe Veterans Day.

The actual holiday is tomorrow, and the roots of this observance go back to November 11, 1918, when Armistice Day formally ended World War I.

For years afterward, November 11 was a day to celebrate the end of the Great War and those who fought in it. Over time, particularly in the years following World War II, the date became associated with a more general honoring of veterans of all conflicts.

In 1954, Congress made this official, naming November 11 as Veterans Day and adding it to the roster of federal holidays.

Later that year, leaders in the veterans community, including Georgia’s Pete Wheeler, urged their governors to follow with official proclamations to promote the new holiday.

In Georgia, this tradition has continued unbroken ever since. This year, as every year, veterans gathered in the State Capitol as Governor Nathan Deal officially proclaimed Veterans Day in Georgia.

Whether they stood the watch in peacetime, or served in the ongoing conflicts around the world today, we honor the service and sacrifice of these men and women, the ones who stepped forward to serve, who raised their hands and pledged their lives for their fellow citizens.

And while we make this special recognition on Veterans Day, every day in Georgia the Department of Veterans Service works tirelessly to honor the commitments our state and nation made to veterans.

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