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Signing Up for Text4Baby

March 19, 2012

Need some advice on how to care for your new baby? The Department of Public Health is offering Text4baby, a service that sends weekly tips about pregnancy and infant care to expectant and new moms. These free text messages address a variety of issues ranging from breastfeeding to immunizations, and each text encourages moms to think more deeply about their children’s health and safety.

To receive the free texts either sign up at Text4baby, or text “BABY” to 511411. If you’d like to receive the messages in Spanish, text “BEBE” instead. You’ll receive these message throughout your pregnancy and during your child’s first year. When you no longer wish to receive the messages, text “STOP” to 511411.

Text4baby is now also available as a free Apple and Android app!

Learn more about Text4baby to see how the service is helping moms all over the country.

Updated April 13, 2016.