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Finding a Doctor

March 27, 2012

Finding a doctor you like and trust can be a difficult task. To help you find the best doctor for your family, the Georgia Composite Medical Board offers you tips that will help you figure out what qualities you’re looking for in your primary care physician or specialist.

Start your research on doctors when you’re feeling well. Since you won’t worry about running out of a prescription or treating an illness, you’ll feel a peace of mind as you go about visiting different offices and interviewing doctors.

You may also want to draft a series of questions to ask the doctor during your first visit. Questions you could ask might include:

  • Who takes care of your patients when you’re out of the office?
  • If there’s an emergency, can I set an appointment for the same day?
  • What factors do you consider when you write prescriptions? Do you stay current on news about both name brand and generic options?

If you have a particular health condition, do research on it, and ask more specific questions about your care. While online tools can assist you with research, make sure that your sources are reliable. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the National Institutes of Health both serve as good sources.

The Composite Medical Board also offers a Licensed Provider lookup, which allows you to view physicians' profiles and see if any disciplinary action has been taken against them.