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Tornado Awareness and Safety Tips

April 24, 2012

Last year, more than a dozen tornadoes swept through northwest and central Georgia, killing 15 and injuring 143 others. Then, last December, tornadoes struck Coweta, Floyd, and Gordon counties, damaging homes, injuring county residents and leaving more than 20,000 without electricity.

Preparing for these flash storms is essential, and fortunately, it’s not difficult to do. By sitting down with your family and drawing up an emergency plan, you’ll know what to expect before the storm and what to do after it hits. Ready Georgia has a general emergency checklist and lets you customize your family emergency plan. Your children can also get involved in the preparations by visiting ReadyKids.

Keep in mind: When meteorologists call a tornado watch for your area, review your family emergency plan. While storm watchers have not yet sighted a tornado in your area, there’s a possibility that a twister might hit. When local media report a tornado warning, gather your family, and head to your basement or safe room immediately. At that point, a confirmed, sighted tornado may very well be on its way.

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