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Introducing GeorgiaGov

April 26, 2012
GeorgiaGov Logo

After 18 months of planning, designing and development, the new GeorgiaGov is now online. is the state's official website. Its purpose is to help you quickly find information and services from over 115 state agencies, encompassing some 300,000 pages. Some of you come to us looking for local and federal government information as well. It's a big job, and with the flood of information continuing to move online, it's becoming increasingly difficult to browse for this information. So we've retooled the site, simplifying the design and helping you hone in on the most relevant information. 

This new redesign features several innovations that put GeorgiaGov at the forefront of e-government. The site is running on Drupal, an open-source content management system that powers both the White House and House of Representatives websites. GeorgiaGov is the first state portal to use Drupal. homepage on a phone.It's also the first state portal to use Responsive Web Design, a technique that adapts the layout of the site based on the device accessing it. Mobile users will receive a different, customized view than tablet and desktop users. Go ahead and try it yourself; resize your browser and watch all of the content adjust based on the size of your window.

  • Search
    Search is a major part of GeorgiaGov, taking up a good bit of real estate on the front page. We've also retooled our search engine and redesigned the results page to make it easier to find information.
  • Popular Topics
    We've provided information on the 50 most popular topics according to what Georgians have searched for in the past. These pages will give you basic facts, frequently asked questions, and links to common online services and forms.

  • Find as You Type
    As you type information in the search field, suggested terms now flow under the box to help you pinpoint your search. These terms range from popular topics and agencies to cities and counties in Georgia.
The search bar on "Driver" is typed in the bar, and 2 results are showing: Georgia Department of Driver Services, and Getting a Driver's License.

  • This Week in GeorgiaGov
    Our new blog highlights several new and noteworthy happenings in state government each week to get you more informed and acquainted with state government.
  • Agency Pages
    Each agency has its own page with information on what it does, frequently asked questions, and online forms and services
  • City and County Pages
    Each city and county page now comes with an interactive map.

We hope you find the new GeorgiaGov easier to use. Drop us a line to let us know how you like it, and if you're interested in learning more about our redesign process, visit our Tumblr site.

The GeorgiaGov Interactive Team

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