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Digital Learning Bill Passes State Senate

April 27, 2012
A smart phone sits in front of a stack of books.

Governor Nathan Deal has signed Senate Bill 289, The Digital Learning Act, which is expected to make Georgia a national leader in online learning.

SB 289, Authored by Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers, the bill focuses on the importance of virtual and digital learning in today’s modern learning environment. Under this bill, students entering the ninth grade during the 2013–2014 school year will complete at least one online learning course prior to graduation. Options to meet this requirement include the following:

  • Online courses offered by the Georgia Virtual School;
  • Online duel enrollment courses offered by a postsecondary institution;
  • Online courses offered by a provider approved by the Georgia Department of Education;

The bill also requires all end-of-year core subject assessments to be administered online by the 2014-2015 school year, a move expected to dramatically reduce cheating.

In addition, the passage of SB 289 would allow local school systems to enter into contracts with virtual learning providers approved by the Georgia Department of Education.

For more information, visit the Senate Press.

United States. Senate Press. “Digital Learning Bill Passes State Senate”, Georgia. Interactive Office, February 23, 2012. Web Press Release.

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