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Confronting Childhood Obesity

June 12, 2012
A young girl runs across a soccer field.

To confront increasing incidence of childhood obesity, Governor Nathan Deal and the Georgia Department of Public Health have introduced Georgia SHAPE, an initiative that promotes childhood wellness.

While childhood obesity is common around the country, in Georgia it's alarmingly frequent. Doctors estimate that nearly 40% of the state's children are overweight or obese. The condition leaves many children struggling with health ailments such as cardiovascular disease, prediabetes and bone and joint weakness, notes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

To improve childhood fitness, Georgia SHAPE will launch the new FITNESSGRAM benchmark in grade schools this year. FITNESSGRAM will provide families with individual reports on their children's fitness levels and offer tips that encourage healthy eating and exercise.

If you'd like to join the childhood wellness effort now, find fitness activities in your neighborhood and get involved by submitting healthy recipes.

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