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Summer Safety for Kids

July 6, 2012
Girl playing in pool

With temperatures hovering in triple digits, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Family & Children Services offer tips to help you keep your children safe this summer. 

  • Encourage your children to apply sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher) 30 minutes before they go outdoors to play.
  • To prevent your children from suffering dehydration or heat stroke, carry spare water bottles and sports drinks.
  • Wear insect repellant to fend off mosquitos and ticks. The CDC recommends that your family use repellant with 20% DEET, although you can also use natural alternatives, such as oil of lemon eucalyptus.
  • If your children spend a significant amount of time at the pool, review swimming safety tips.
  • Learn how to recognize a concussion and teach your children how to identify signs of a concussion.

The CDC also offers Color Me Safe, a coloring book for children ages 4 to 7 that encourages them to think about safety both at home and outdoors. 

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