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New Secure Drivers’ Licenses and IDs

July 11, 2012
The Department of Driver Services launches Secure ID.

Launching its Secure ID program, the Department of Driver Services early last week began issuing new drivers' licenses and identification cards. Marked with a gold star in the upper right corner, these cards should enhance your license security and help protect you from identity theft.

If your current license or ID is still valid, you can use that card until your assigned renewal period. If you're applying for, renewing or reinstating your license or ID for the first time, however, you'll now need to present your identification papers in person at a DDS Customer Service Center. These papers include:

  • your birth certificate, your current US passport or other proof of citizenship
  • your Social Security Card or other verification of your Social Security Number
  • two proofs of residence (recent utility bills, bank statements and rental contracts all work)
  • your Permanent Resident Card, if you’re not a citizen
  • proof of a legal name change, if you've had one

To learn more, read about the documents you'll need, or reference the Secure ID Frequently Asked Questions.