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Keeping Bears At Bay

July 17, 2012
A black bear climbs a tree.

With camping season well underway, the Department of Natural Resources shares some simple tips about how to keep black bears away from your camp.

  • Keep all food, garbage and scented hygiene products stored safely in your cabin or vehicle.
  • When you're backcountry camping, you'll want to store your food and garbage some distance from your tent. Make sure to pack a heavy duty knapsack and a substantial length of rope. You'll want to select a sturdy tree and hang the knapsack at least 10 feet from the ground and six feet from the tree trunk. 
  • Perhaps most important: Do not feed the bears on purpose; that interaction, says wildlife biologist Adam Hammond, will erode bears' natural fear of humans and lead to the bears' continued nuisance.

To learn more about black bears and their recovering population throughout the state, read the Black Bear Fact Sheet.