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Shuttling Scientists, Students and Veterans Through the City

July 27, 2012
The light rail travels through the city.

Among the projects dependent on the coming T-SPLOST vote, the Clifton Corridor Transit Initiative aims to help scientists, students and veterans move just a bit more quickly through Atlanta. The long-supported initiative would introduce a light rail from the existing MARTA Lindbergh Station to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, the Emory University campus and the Veterans Administration Medical Center.

Project supporters, hopeful that the T-SPLOST will pass, claim that these institutions bring to the area an impressive 30,000 commuters daily. Currently, the area is not serviced by any means of public transportation or interstate access other than the already congested GA 400, which makes rush hour traffic a very serious problem and a block for development.

Under T-SPLOST, the Clifton Corridor is set to receive $700 million, which would pay for nearly half of the transportation improvement. If T-SPLOST fails, though, the project will likely be suspended for another 10 years, leaving thousands of commuters to continue their struggles in traffic.

To learn more about the Clifton Corridor, visit the official project page.

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