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The Future of T-SPLOST

August 8, 2012
Drivers pass road construction pylons.

As debate about the recent T-SPLOST vote winds down across much of the state, discussion is still lively for the 3 districts that approved the tax — the Central Savannah River Area, River Valley and Heart of Georgia Altamaha. Over the next 10 years, the counties in these regions will generate and invest approximately $1.8 billion to fund local transportation improvements.

As a provision of the Transportation Investment Act, the 3 districts will also benefit from a 90% state funding match for their transportation projects. The 9 regions that rejected T-SPLOST will receive the lesser 70% state funding match.

The projects to be funded throughout the 3 districts are numerous and mostly serve to improve and maintain the current infrastructure. They will include supporting road maintenance, replacing bridges, widening highways and building new passing lanes and railroad overpasses. To see the full list of projects for all 3 regions, visit the Georgia Department of Transportation's official Transportation Referendum page.

Residents in the 3 districts will begin to pay the new local option sales tax in January 2013.

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