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More School Nurses On Hand for 2012 School Year

August 8, 2012
A school nurse runs a health exam on a young boy.

Starting this year, students will see more school nurses in their front office clinics. Under new legislation, public schools must now supply at least one nurse for every 750 elementary school students and one for every 1,500 middle and high school students.

Sponsored by Senate Education & Youth Committee Chairman Fran Millar, R-Atlanta, this legislation is welcome news for parents whose children need to take medication during the school day and students who depend almost entirely on school health services for their care needs.

Nurses, too, welcome the news. Previously, the budget for the school health nurse program could be set aside to pay for other school needs. Now, however, funds allocated by the state and local school systems for the nurse programs must be spent in full on nurse salaries and medical supplies.

To learn more about this new legislation, read the full text of Senate Bill 403.

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