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Clean Air Campaign Commuter Rewards

August 29, 2012
A commuter waits in traffic.

As the summer vacation season nears an end, and schools open their doors to students, the promise of more traffic on Georgia’s roads comes back as well. Luckily organizations like the Clean Air Campaign (CAC) work to promote traffic reducing actions such as carpooling, riding transit, teleworking, bicycling or walking. Partnering with the Georgia Department of Transportation and other sponsors, CAC provides services and incentives for individual drivers, employers, and schools to implement less polluting commuting options.

Monetary incentives offered to individual drivers include:

  • $5 per day for a maximum of 90 days for a drive-alone commuter who switches [This incentive was originally $3 per day.]
  • $25 in monthly prizes for people who enter their alternative commutes on the CAC website
  • $40-$60 in gas cards every month for carpool drivers who transport 3 or 4 people respectively every day [This incentive was originally $80-120 in gas cards every month.]

Learn more about monetary incentives with Georgia Commute Options.

To become involved in these programs, apply or read more on the CAC website. Visit their website to learn more about the programs and services available for schools and employers.



In December 2016, The Clean Air Campaign was discontinued after 20 years spent preventing hundreds of thousands of tons of pollution from entering the air. Find air quality programs for schools at

Last updated Dec. 9, 2016.

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