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Waiver for Summer Gasoline Requirements

September 7, 2012
A driver stops to get gasoline.

With Gulf-area refineries struggling to meet fuel supply demands in the wake of Hurricane Isaac, the Environmental Protection Agency this week announced that it would temporarily waive Clean Air Act requirements that states sell only low volatility gasoline during the summer.

EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson, heeding the waiver requests of governors, among them Governor Nathan Deal, acknowledged the importance of allowing distributers to sell the higher volatility winter gasoline to curb a potentially damaging fuel shortfall. "This extreme and unusual fuel circumstance...could not reasonably have been seen or prevented and is not attributable to a lack of prudent planning on the part of suppliers," Jackson wrote in her response to the governors.

“This responsible action by the EPA will help protect Georgia residents and businesses from price spikes and panic caused by a shortage,” Deal said this week. “I commend Georgia Environmental Protection Division Director Jud Turner for his leadership on this issue, and the director and I will continue to work with the EPA in the event of an ongoing shortage.”

The gasoline waiver extends until September 15, the last day of the summertime "high ozone" period.

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