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Vote for New Wildlife License Plates

September 14, 2012
New Georgia wildlife license plates will support conservation and habitat restoration efforts.

To support conservation and habitat restoration efforts, the Wildlife Resources Division, Department of Natural Resources will soon be introducing new wildlife license plates and invites you to vote for your four favorite designs.

With full plate designs of green tree frogs, white-tailed deer and rainbow trout, the new plates will support the Nongame Wildlife Conservation Fund, Bobwhite Quail Initiative and the trout conservation program, all of which depend almost entirely on license plate sales for funding. The specialty plates cost $60, and the annual renewal is $35.

“We hope that the switch to a full plate design will excite the public, and they will want one on their vehicle," said Wildlife Resources Division Director Dan Forster in a recent press release

Visit the License Plate Survey today, Friday, Sept. 14 and tomorrow, Saturday, Sept. 15 to submit your votes.

Images Courtesy Wildlife Resources Division, Department of Natural Resources

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