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Electronic Speed Limit Signs Approved

September 26, 2012
Electronic speed limit sign of 55.

The Georgia Department of Transportation recently approved plans to install electronic speed limit signs on parts of Interstate 285, allowing for variable speed limits during the day.

The new technology will provide a way to change the speed limit depending on driving conditions such as weather, rush hour, and traffic flow.  DOT spokeswoman Jill Goldberg stated the technology is a way to keep traffic flowing evenly.

The state Department of Transportation decided last Thursday to move ahead with the plans for the new electronic speed limit signs on the northern part of Interstate 285. The signs will first be installed north of Interstate 20 on both sides of I-285. The speed limit will vary from 55 to 65 mph on the entire perimeter, giving officials the ability to slow speeds down when conditions warrant.

For more information, visit GPB News.

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