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How to Dispose of Scrap Tires

October 25, 2012
A neatly stacked pile of scrap tire waits for recycling.

In communities around the state, residents have for some years now raised concerns about the improper disposal of scrap tires, a trend that threatens both environmental and public health. When you purchase new tires, you'll want to safely — and legally — dispose of your scrap tires by taking them to a Georgia Environmental Protection Division approved sorting/processing site or one of the numerous registered tire carriers. 

If your business is a scrap tire carrier, generator, retreader, or new-tire retailer, take time to review the short but comprehensive lists of requirements that apply to you. If you want to have one of various roles with scrap tires, download applications for permits and registrations.

Should you happen to store used tires, note that you are required to keep them dry and protected from fire hazards. It's important you heed these restrictions because tires left out in the rain become incubators for disease carrying mosquitoes. Housed safely in a scrap tire, these pests can breed 100 times faster than they do in nature. Also note that the EPD caps the number of tires you may store. For more details, read this short list of tire generator responsibilities.

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Last updated April 27, 2017.

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