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Unemployment Insurance Benefits Move to Electronic Delivery

November 2, 2012
A debit cards lies on a keyboard.

Starting today, all recipients of unemployment insurance will get benefits electronically, either through direct bank deposit or debit card.

By eliminating delivery service of paper checks, the Georgia Department of Labor expects to save $19,000 a week, or close to $1 million a year, in check printing and mailing expenses.

Beyond offering cost savings for taxpayers, the move to electronic payments should also speed and secure unemployment insurance benefit delivery. Recipients who chose to accept benefits via the UI Way2Go Debit MasterCard® will now have access to payments more quickly than in the past, and the debit cards will prevent checks from getting lost or stolen in the mail. 

Just as other debit cards do, the UI Way2Go Debit MasterCard® allows for routine purchases and cash withdrawals. Debit card holders can pull cash out at MoneyPass ATMs without paying a withdrawal fee. Card holders can also log into online accounts to check their balances and review their spending.

To learn more about the new electronic delivery of unemployment insurance benefits, visit the Georgia Department of Labor.

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