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Leveraging Our Strengths to Move the Georgia Lottery Corporation Forward

November 20, 2012
The Georgia Lottery Corporation logo, a bold, bright peach.

I am excited to assume the leadership of the Georgia Lottery Corporation, and I am most interested in carrying on the work and mission of this organization. The Georgia Lottery is second-to-none with regard to its reputation, professionalism and commitment to maximizing funds for the educational programs in the state of Georgia. For the last 19 years much has been accomplished to generate more than $13.8 billion for Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship Program and Georgia’s Pre-K program, and great success has been realized.

The lottery’s success is the result of a massive team effort. Our traditional lottery gaming is one of the most successful in the country. The year-end return to education is impressive. Fiscal year 2012 was the most successful year in Georgia Lottery history. Georgia Lottery’s record sales resulted in record returns to HOPE and Pre-K.

We are poised for a bright future. We will be the first lottery in the country to offer a player debit card at retail and the first lottery to go beyond a limited menu of games over the Internet. With Internet sales, we are entering the digital age and offering consumer products online. We can meet future opportunities and challenges to ensure the vital funding needs of our educational system.

Every department is engaged, and everyone at the Georgia Lottery shares my passion for the HOPE and Pre-K programs funded through the proceeds of the lottery. The Georgia Lottery is a remarkable organization in that it has had a phenomenal impact on these programs and has positively impacted the lives of young people in this state.

We will work to leverage our success to grow. We want to create interest in lottery play and in making those transactions happen to ensure that our brightest remain in Georgia and invest their smarts here. The opportunity was intriguing for me to join the Georgia Lottery because of its mission.

I am excited about not only safeguarding HOPE and Pre-K but taking our opportunities to new heights. The Georgia Lottery has done an incredible job, and my transition has been seamless and smooth.

Georgia Lottery players play a crucial part in our success as we strive to become among the strongest in the industry. We encourage Georgians to promote our products, play our games and help the Georgia Lottery continue to be its very best. Continued player participation will enrich contributions to HOPE and Pre-K, which have benefitted families statewide. Play responsibly with us, and let’s engage in the fun!

Debbie D. Alford, President & CEO of the Georgia Lottery Corporation

About the Author

Formerly the director of the Governor's Office of Planning & Budget, Debbie D. Alford serves as the President and CEO of the Georgia Lottery Corporation.

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