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Introducing GaMap2Care

January 15, 2013
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Are there licensed nursing homes near your loved one in South Georgia? If you need hospital care, what facilities are most convenient? Or what about home health services for your home-bound grandmother?

To answer these questions and more, you can now search GaMap2Care, a new, comprehensive database of licensed health care facilities and services in Georgia. One of the few statewide search programs in the country that uses Google Map technology with a unique database, GaMap2Care offers an interactive search, see and select tool that helps you make more convenient and more informed health care facility decisions. You can search for facilities by name and address, and you can use the auto-fill feature to save time and improve your search’s accuracy.

The site’s features include:

  • More than 7,000 searchable licensed health care facilities in Georgia 
  • Data about facility services, administrators and owners' information, deficiency reports
  • Interactive Google geo-mapping technology with 360-degree street views, aerial views and neighborhood mapping

In case of emergencies or natural disasters, the program will also help officials identify facilities for the possible relocation of residents. It is also being used to help efficiently route surveyors across the state.

GaMap2Care was developed by Healthcare Facility Regulation, a division of the Georgia Department of Community Health. To search, see and select Georgia’s licensed health care facilities, visit

About the Author

As Chief of the Division of Healthcare Facility Regulation for the Georgia Department of Community Health, Brian Looby is responsible for ensuring the delivery of accessible, affordable and quality health care services through effective and efficient planning and regulation. The division oversees the licensing and regulation of a variety of healthcare facilities, and is also responsible for the State’s health planning activities.

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