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Home Education in Georgia

March 5, 2013
Mother helps son with a lesson.

Almost 50,000 students attend home school across the state, the Georgia Department of Education reports, and during this current school year, homeschooling has been even easier for parents.

Last legislative session, Governor Nathan Deal signed into law House Bill 39, a measure that streamlines reporting requirements for parents who home school their children. Rather than submit monthly student attendance records, parents now submit a comprehensive annual record to the Georgia Department of Education. Families that want to conduct home study programs now file with the state instead of a local school board. Learn how to submit attendance records and file your program.

Currently, Georgia law requires children to be enrolled in school between the ages of 6 and 16. If you're interested in learning more about home schooling, the Georgia Department of Education's Home School FAQ offers guidelines and explains state law surrounding home study programs.

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Sunita Kapahi writes about education, public safety, social services and transportation for GeorgiaGov. She is an Atlanta native and a graduate of Georgia State University.