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Applying for Special License Plates

May 1, 2013
Sample special license plate designs for historic & alternatively fueled cars.

From university alumni to outdoors advocates, drivers across the state personalize their license plates to share their stories and interests. Every year, these drivers pay additional tag fees that support various causes from bicycle safety to cancer research. The fees also raise revenue for the state and allow lawmakers to fund public education, assist small businesses and offer benefits to those in need.

If you're interested in getting a special license plate, look over all plate samples, or complete Form MV-9B to request a prestige plate. When you're ready to register or renew your vehicle's tag, you can apply for the special plate at your local tax commissioner's office.

Note that your tax commissioner's office will not issue a special license plate as a souvenir. You must use the plate and pay its annual fees for your personal vehicle.

GeorgiaGov Writer Noralil Ryan Fores

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Noralil Ryan Fores writes about business, taxes, elections and the environment for GeorgiaGov. She's a graduate of Florida State University's film school and Syracuse University's journalism program.


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