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Team Georgia Serves State Employees Well

June 3, 2013
Office workers collaborate on a project.

Georgia’s state employees are part of a hard-working team that includes about 125,000 workers within state agencies and the university system. These state employees spend every single work day striving to make the most of taxpayer dollars and to improve the already great state of Georgia for its citizens.

As a service to those hard-working state employees, the Georgia Department of Administrative Services maintains the Team Georgia website. The site serves all state employees by improving interdepartmental communication, providing tools for productivity and building a proud team mentality. By helping Georgia government function more effectively, Team Georgia keeps state employees engaged and motivated.

Team Georgia plays host to state employee benefits, discounts, news, tips, job openings within the state, and a means to access pay stubs, performance reviews and other career information.

The site isn’t new. In fact, it has been around since 2004. Gina Tiedemann — now Deputy Commissioner of Operations at DOAS — served as an executive member of the original team that launched the website, then known as “Team Georgia Connection.”

“The Team Georgia Connection Project sought to provide a vehicle for communication to and from state employees and to provide a useful interactive tool,” Tiedemann said. “The Project Team released the first iteration on Dec. 22, 2004 and formally announced the site on Jan. 4, 2005.”

For the past decade, Team Georgia has evolved from a website into more of an idea or brand. The ultimate goal of Team Georgia is for state employees to feel like they are part of one big team — for civil servants in the state to work together toward the common goal of making Georgia state government function as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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About the Author

Seth G. Stuck is the Online Communications Manager for the Georgia Department of Administrative Services. In addition to directing the department’s social media efforts, he also administrates the Team Georgia and DOAS websites.

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