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Dump the Pump

June 13, 2013
A car fuels.

For those of you who drive to and from work alone every day, you understand the anxiety of the metro Atlanta commute — seemingly endless traffic, stress on your vehicle, constant trips to the gas pump ... maybe it’s time to re-evaluate what you’re getting from it.

If you’re ready for a commute that gives more than it takes, try transit during Dump the Pump, June 17-21. For one day, ride transit and experience for yourself the benefits of not driving alone. You can relax on your commute by reading a book, chatting with a friend or napping, all while saving money.

  • Pledge to take transit at least 1 day during Dump the Pump, and you’re entered into a drawing to win an Amazon gift card.
  • If transit looks like something you could invest more of your time in, you can sign up to earn cash and prizes from Georgia Commute Options.
  • By sticking with transit, you can save money on your commute cost. In fact, the average metro Atlantan can save $1,500 a year on gas and car expenses by riding transit a few times a week.
  • You might even shed a few pounds since transit riders take approximately 30% more steps per day than their drive-alone commuting counterparts.

Just go to, and pledge to take transit at least 1 time during Dump the Pump.  While you’re on the website, browse a variety of resources to help make the switch to transit easier.

Take the pledge to dump the pump. You’ll get more by driving less.

Jenny Schultz, Communications Specialist for the The Clean Air Campaign

About the Author

Jenny Schultz is the Communications Specialist with The Clean Air Campaign, one of several organizations in the Atlanta region that delivers Georgia Commute Options programs and services in partnership with the Georgia Department of Transportation.