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Touring Georgia with Social Media

July 18, 2013
Enjoying a day at St. Simons

The word “tourist” usually elicits the image of hundreds of people standing in line for the Eiffel Tower, multiple families taking turns holding up the Tower of Pisa or people from all over the world running through Disney World in matching t-shirts. Tourism is very much alive, though, right here at home in Georgia. Local residents and out-of-staters alike can benefit from what the Georgia Department of Economic Development's tourism branch, Explore Georgia, has to share.

From deals and discounts to recommended lodging to more than 3000 local activities, Explore Georgia has options for everyone.

A great thing about Explore Georgia is its accessibility, particularly through its social media platforms. With more than 170,000 likes on Facebook and 27,000 followers on Twitter, it is one of the top viewed agencies in the Georgia social media world. In addition to its website and free travel guides, Explore Georgia also uses the following to stay connected:

So no matter your preference of communication, Explore Georgia has a place for you to be connected — you and hundreds of thousands of your closest internet friends.

Photo Courtesy Georgia Department of Economic Development

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Bethany McDaniel is a content specialist for GeorgiaGov. She graduated from Berry College in Rome, GA with degrees in Visual Communication and History.